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Our Team

The Smart Security Group (SSG) team is comprised of prior military and law enforcement personnel who are experts in port, vessel and facility security operations.  We have extensive experience in regulatory compliance, security plan/program development and training.


Members of the SSG team have managed thousands of security personnel and we understand the staffing and training challenges associated with security operations. 


Smart Security Group (SSG) is a global supplier of web applications, computer-based/classroom training and consulting solutions for the maritime community and other critical infrastructure facilities. SSG is the world leader in cruise industry security solutions and our applications and training courses are used on over 100 cruise ships. 


With subject matter experts and software developers on staff, our team develops and delivers a variety of cost-effective and efficient software and computer training solutions for the security community. 

SSG Login 

To access of online training and access control applications, please click on the button below:








SSG, in partnership with Hudson Cyber announce the release of our newest course:


Maritime Cybersecurity Awareness Course


Maritime Screener Course (MSC)

The Maritime Screener Course is the most popular security checkpoint training program for the cruise industry.  The course is currenty in use on over 100 cruise ships and provides an initial training course and recurrent qualification using our propritary training simulator.  It is the only course developed specifically for the cruise industry and can be customized for Flag and company policies and standards. 

Secure Visitor/Vendor Access Module & SSG Mobile 

The Secure Visitor/Vendor Access Module (SVAM)  is the most popular visitor/vendor, event and delivery access management system for maritime terminals.  SVAM is a web-based application that provides a secure environment to share information between companies in order to generate fully-compliant access information for cruise ships.  SVAM is backed by our 24X7 world-class support desk to assist the visitor and vendor community. 

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