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Smart Security Group Services

SSG Provides a variety of consulting and training solutions for our customers:

Our uniquely qualified team includes experts with practical commerical experience operating facilities and vessels. All of our consultants are prior military and federal law enforcement officers, vessel operators and regulators with national or field-level responsibilities. 


SSG understands how to balance the needs of regulatory security compliance and the business environment. We offer a variety of consulting products that are design to support security management professionals:


  • Security Risk/Vulnerability Assessment

  • Security Plan Development, Review & Amendment

  • Vetting of Security Providers

  • Development and Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures & Post Orders

  • Drill & Exercise Facilitation

  • C-TPAT Program Submission & Implementation

  • Security Audit & Program Review

  • Training for Security Personnel

  • Security Sceening Program Development

  • Specialized Training for X-ray Machines, Metal Detectors & Explosive Detectors

  • Development & Delivery of Client Specific Training Via Classroom, Computer-Based or Web-Based Methods

  • Mitigation Services for Government Notice of Violation

  • Investigation Services










Security Consulting
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