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Smart Security Group Products

SSG has a variety of computer-based training and web-based application products available for our clients:
Computer and Web-Based Training

Smart Security Group is the industry leader for security training. Thousands of personnel have been trained with SSG's propritary Phoenix Training System. SSG offers a full suite of computer-based (CBT) training courses to meet U.S. and international training compliance requirements.


SSG specializes in providing screening checkpoint training for vessels and facilities and our courses can be customized for your specific requirements.  Our course libary includes:



  • The Maritime Screener Course (The #1 Training Tool for the Cruise Industry)

  • Security Screener Course for Critical Infrastructure Facilities

  • X-Ray Training and Development Simulators

  • TWIC Awareness & Escort Courses

  • MTSA/ISPS Facility Security Personnel Course

  • MTSA/ISPS Security Awareness Courses

Security Applications 

SSG's proprietary web-based access management system is an affordable and effective solutions for verifying facility access.  


The Secure Vendor Access Module (SVAM) is designed to meet the vendor and visitor advanced notice requirements for port facilities and vessels.  SVAM creates a secure web-based community where users, tenants, contractors, delivery companies, employees and guests can interface to authorize and document access.  Organizations that use SVAM will immediately benefit from the efficiencies and cost savings created by the power of our proprietary workflow and security level management system.  Furthermore, because it is a subscription service, there is no need for capital expenditures for infrastructure or IT support.  SVAM is backed by the SSG 24-hour Help Desk.  SVAM is currently the number one access management solution for the cruise industry.

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